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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reading my Book in the Orthodontist's Office

     Yesterday I took along the book, Radical by David Platt to read while waiting for my son at the orthodontist's office.  (I get such great reading done during appointments!)  I noticed a lady kept looking at me as I was reading, and smiling a bit.  As we were getting ready to leave, she asked if I liked the book.  She said she had heard it was good---but that she was scared to read it.  I said, "Don't be scared."  But then I thought about that for a few seconds. With tongue in cheek, I said, "Well, maybe you should be a little scared." I told her it was a very convicting and challenging book---but one I highly recommended.  I told her (and others) that this is a book you cannot just sit down and take in one sitting.  (Maybe some people can, but not me.)  It takes time to digest and to contemplate. 

     Many times I cannot help but to just verbally respond to what I'm reading...even if I'm in a waiting room full of people.  Yesterday, as I read page159, I just couldn't help but gasp a little.  Platt was sharing about a friend of his who had been on mission to reach villagers in remote areas of Southeast Asia.  They knew nothing of the gospel.  The people there were very friendly, they even invited the man to share a drink with them.  And get this....one of the men went into his little shop and came out with a classic red Coke can.  "A soft drink company in Atlanta has done a better job getting brown sugar water to these people than the church of Jesus Christ has done in getting the gospel to them."   Yikes.

(in a world that’s not my home)


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